I’ve been busy claying but you wouldn’t know it from this scrapbook. My latest projects include trying out some new cane ideas from Rian Schreuder-Sanderse’s Facebook page called ’52 weekly cane projects’. A few weeks ago, I created a cane from this tutorial: http://polymerclayfimo.livejournal.com/4078420.html written by ‘Kalinkapolinka’. I don’t speak Russian so it was a good thing for me that she had clearly documented the cane steps in photos!

I changed my cane to include a lot of translucent clay and I also used blues and white instead of the original black and white clays. I wanted a ‘Blue Willow’ Delft-china look:

My ‘wedge’ of cane, about 5 inches tall.

After reducing it a little, I cut it into six parts, rearranged it kaleidoscope-style, and reduced again.

Here it is, finished- about 2.5 inches in diameter.

closeup reduced


Some buttons I made by covering a core of white with a cane slice. I added a ring of copper wire for the button shank.


A little ring bowl…


The translucent clay shows off the design well.