I read a few recipes for making faux jade but I didn’t have the ingredients on hand to make them, so I made up my own recipe. Here’s a faux amber I made and a technique I’ve named ‘Mermaid Scales’… My jadeite and amber techniques are described below:

For the green jadeite I used Premo and Pardo brands translucents.

Condition about a half ounce of each brand of translucent clay (separately), and create a thick sheet out of each. Also, mix a little of the two together, create a sheet and set this aside. (You will have three sheets total, but only coloring two.) On the first sheet of translucent (it doesn’t matter which brand) drop 10-15 drops of alcohol ink in a yellow-green color. On the second sheet drop 10-15 drops of a darker, grassy green color. It’s very important to let the ink dry completely if you don’t want a mess to clean up. On one of the green-inked sheets, I recommend a light sprinkle of black pepper/dried chopped oregano for inclusions. When the ink is dry, roll the sheets (separately) into logs all the same length. Loosely braid these three logs, mush them around a bit but don’t completely mix them- and you’re ready to pinch off chunks to form beads or veneer or whatever you please.

The partially-cloudy amber is the same technique, but using different colored ink, of course. I used a honey-yellow ink on the first sheet of clay and a darker brown ink on the second. I wouldn’t sprinkle black pepper, but I’ve thought of experimenting with a few inclusions of loose tea, or… saffron strands (then it really would be a semi-precious clay-ha ha!) I recommend an ice-bath for the amber when it comes out of the oven to help give it a translucent look.


Happy Experimenting!