I have created my tutorials and patterns to be downloaded and used by anyone free of charge but not for commercial use, please. I ask that you credit me and link to this page if you want to repost my creations.

Covering a sphere with polymer

Maria’s Covering a Sphere Pattern

Not really a tutorial but a pattern. My friends found this helpful when decorating glass Christmas ornaments of different sizes with polymer sheets. Just choose the pattern size that fits your ornament diameter and cut out that paper pattern. Lay it on a (fairly thin) sheet of polymer and cut that out the same way. Fold around your ornament, smooth it out, then decorate. Here’s my pattern PDF to download:

Polymer clay gingerbread houses

‘Gingerbread’ polymer clay ornament

Maria Brown’s Gingerbread House Patterns

My friends and I have a LOT of fun making these tiny houses together every year. Since we put so much work into our tiny treasures, it made sense to create them in polymer clay to enjoy in perpetuity.

I cut out, decorated, and cured my clay house pieces on a flat ceramic tile. Then I assembled the pieces using poly-paste and more clay (and tiny little clay candies) and cured it again. I left the bottoms open so I could insert a battery-operated tea light inside.

matryoshka doll charm tutorial

Matryoshka Doll Charm Tutorial by Maria Brown

The tutorial explains the steps I took to make these teeny-tiny dolls, under one inch tall. If you want to see how I made them, download the pdf and take a look. It may even inspire you to make your own little Matryoshka charms! (And if it does inspire you, I’d love to see a photo of your cool creations!)

beach pebble tutorial

Polymer Clay Rocks (Beach Pebbles) Tutorial by Maria Brown

Here are beads I made to look like beach pebbles, or beach rocks here on Puget Sound beaches.  I wanted to create something that people wouldn’t expect to see worn as jewelry.  If you’re interested in my method click on the link below for a free tutorial on polymer clay beach rocks.  I created this tute for people who have some experience with polymer clay, but these methods are not difficult for beginners.  Please credit me if you publish something using my techniques. And please send me a link or a photo– I’d love to see your work! You can email me at mjb@blondecrowstudio.com .