Elder Futhark runes are the alphabet used by pre-Christian Anglo-Saxon, Germanic and Norse peoples over three thousand years ago. They were carved onto weapons to give them strength, onto buildings and boats for protection, onto gravestones to ease the departed on their way to Valhal… many things.  Like the Vikings before me, I’ve carved them onto jewelry for good luck and decoration.

Faux turquoise and copper Celtic crow beads all created from polymer clay. My crow bead was formed from scrap clay and then brushed with copper mica powder before curing. The turquoise was created by chopping blue clay, painting the clay pieces with black acrylic paint, then forming the dried, painted chunks into a round cane. I sliced the cane and covered scrap clay to make the beads.



I created these ‘mermaid scale’ beads by embedding silver and copper foil sheets in tinted (green) translucent polymer clay. The wire is green copper and silver.



Autumn colored faux agate beads. Alcohol ink-tinted Premo translucent clay.



Bracelet beads created by rolling translucent clay with a gold foil sheet several times through the pasta machine. Red mica powder was also added to this mix and a thin layer of it covers a deep red clay core. Strung on memory wire with glass beads.



This rune is ‘Kenaz’, which represents fire, creativity, and clarification. (It’s on its side in this photo.) I crushed tea leaves and black pepper mixed into tinted translucent clay to make a faux serpentine.



Faux jade and faux amethyst beads created with two different brands of translucent- Premo and Pardo.



‘Tiger cane’ beads, faux sardonyx, and runes…



Ancient looking ‘Algiz’ rune bead, which represents protection and friendship. I embedded copper wire in the clay, which I made to mimic poppy jasper, and then sanded it flat.



Faux amber (or peach adventurine) bracelet I made, all out of polymer clay.



I call these “dillstone” beads because I added dried crushed dill to the clay. The rune on the bracelet on the top is ‘Jera’- the rune of balance, harvest and bounty. The runes on the bottom piece are (from left to right) : Jera, Othila, Sowelo, Berkana, Laguz, and Gebo. They roughly translate to Balance, Homeland, Sun, Feminine Energy, Water, and Gifts.



Rustic copper swirls and my Celtic crow, brushed with copper mica before curing.



Faux green and yellow aragonite beads with crushed tea leaf inclusions (Earl Grey) …



Faux ‘butter amber’ beads paired with freshwater pearls and copper.



A few more strands of my faux stones and runes for luck.